We at TailoredUp Fits are a family brand that strive to provide premium quality designs available to everyone at an affordable price and efficient way. We are a one-stop shop for all your fashionable needs and services, from your clothes, to alterations, to dry cleaning all done in one location.  Our Team is composed of talented industry professionals that believes the idea that we all deserve to express our own personal style and feel confident in how we look!

Our Company


We strike to prove high-quality clothing products that will instill confidence and make our industry more accessible to everyone. 


E-shoplift solution that provides high-quality clothing and tailoring service more accessible to the public. A well-dressed community that knows where to shop for their wardrobe. 

Culture statement: 

Our team is composed of talented industry professionals that support the idea that we all deserve to feel confident in how we look. By bringing together years of experience and exceptional talent, we are able to foster a supportive environment that is welcoming to employees and customers alike. 

Value statement: 

At Tailored Up Fits, we value a commitment to quality that is built on integrity, ethical solutions, and accessibility. We want to help you look great and feel confident without losing extra time in your day! 

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